Drugs in Cartagena


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Drugs in Cartagena

It's possible that you'll be approached by people selling drugs in the street, at bars or nightclubs — be sure to politely refuse all such offers, and never consume or carry drugs on your person, as this is both illegal and can be a set up for yet another elaborate scam. The "dealers" may even be acting in cahoots with the police, who are known to have been waiting to apprehend and search tourists immediately after the "transaction" takes place. In other cases, the "police" may even simply turn out to be the dealer's accomplices in disguise. Apart from marijuana and cocaine, another drug that's gained notoriety in recent years is 'ayaguasca'. Traditionally used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon as part of rituals, it is a potent hallucinogen whose consumption side effects may, in some cases, lead to a lethal outcome. There have also been reports of those attempting to cross borders carrying the drug being apprehended and given hefty prison sentences.

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