Russia Highlights

06/01/2022 through 11/12/2023
06/01/2022 through 11/15/2023
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Russia Highlights

Experience the essential sights of a land that lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades on a revealing eight-day tour of European Russia. Travel through Moscow, Suzdal, Novgorod and St Petersburg to peel back some 1000 years of history. From the blue-domed whimsy of the tenth-century Cathedral of the Nativity to the Soviet-era communal apartments of St Petersburg and the restaurant car of an overnight train – this adventure is the perfect introduction to the expansive history and diverse faces of Russia’s western reaches.


  • Suzdal – Home-cooked meal and pastry baking demonstration
  • Suzdal – Guided sightseeing walking tour
  • Moscow – Kremlin & Armoury Guided Tour
  • Moscow – Red Square & Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Novgorod – Walking Tour & Kremlin
  • St Petersburg – Tea party with local family
  • St Petersburg – Simple Place Ceramics Master Class


  • Let whimsical Suzdal capture your heart and imagination with its onion-domed monasteries, spiced-honey mead and during dinner with our local friends.
  • Enjoy a tea party with a local family in one of St Petersburg’s Soviet-era communal apartments, grand dwellings converted to working class accommodation after the Russian Revolution.
  • Visit the mausoleum of Lenin, famed revolutionary and Bolshevik leader, and compare the tomb’s austerity with the eye-bulging treasure collection in the Kremlin and Armoury Museum.
  • Discover Russia’s oldest city on a guided walk through Novgorod, including the 15th-century Kremlin compound that sits on the banks of the Volkhov River.
  • Encounter the living legacy of Russian tsar Peter the Great while exploring the streets of St Petersburg, which are lined with opulent monuments built with the forced labour of serfs.


Day 1 Moscow
Day 2 Suzdal
Day 3 Moscow
Day 4 Moscow – Overnight Train
Day 5 Novgorod
Day 6 St Petersburg
Day 7 St Petersburg
Day 8 St Petersburg

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